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Work Experience Abroad

Improve your language skills and job prospects by working abroad. A perfect choice for A-Level modern language students.

  • Improve your language skills
  • Experience the local culture
  • Meet new friends & socialise
  • Enhance your future job prospects
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Get the most out of your trip

Give your language skills a real boost by combining a work placement with lessons at a local language school.
Your highly-qualified native-speaking teacher will help you to work on your overall level, before you put your skills to the test at your work placement, where you will  be expected to communicate with colleagues and customers exclusively in the target language. 

For further details, visit our sister site Halsbury Language Courses Abroad


Who can go?

Our work experience trips are open to 16-18 year olds studying a foreign language at AS/A2 level or similar. If you’re a teacher wanting to take a class of students, we can arrange a tailor made trip for your group organising transport, accommodation and work placements for each of your students.

Where will I work?

All of our work placement selections are based on your profile and the availability of placements. Examples of typical placements are shops, restaurants, cafés, hotels and kindergartens. It is important to note that the main aim of the work experience trip is to improve students' linguistic abilities.

Can I go on my own?

Every year we have many students who travel on their own and they soon make new friends. Before you travel you will be able to contact other students on your trip via an event on our Facebook page so you can get to know each other before you go. Our group leaders are also trained in getting students to integrate and mix. more...

Can I travel with my friends?

If you select the same trip as your friends then we will always endeavour to place you all in the same city. Please remember to tell us that you are travelling with friends when booking. We will give you a booking code once you have enroled on a trip, which you can pass to your friends to ensure they are on the same trip.

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Niheeba Gordon

Niheeba Gordon 's Story

My placement was in a restaurant called ‘Le Printemps’, which is a brasserie located right opposite the train station in Bordeaux. My duties included greeting and serving customers, taking orders, clearing tables and setting up the restaurant, tables and buffet.

I was nervous at first as I was struggling to understand my colleagues and I would often stutter, as I didn’t know how to respond. During the week, I started to understand the gist of what everyone around me was saying. It was nice meeting a lot of the customers, many of whom were tourists to the city.

As much as you are interested in the French, the French are very interested in you and ask you many questions about Britain. I learned so much about French cuisine as I ate a lot of their food during my lunch and dinner breaks. Strangely, I’ve acquired a strong liking for baguettes and French apple tarts! read more...

Rachel O'Rourke

Rachel O'Rourke's Story

I spent a week at a crèche in Rouen, in the north of France. Every day I’d walk to the bus stop, buy my ticket and enjoy a 25-minute journey to my placement, which was, in fact, my placement of choice!

I worked a 7-hour day which, I must admit, was long and tiring - particularly finding the energy to participate in activities with animated, adorable French children. However, it was one of the greatest weeks of my life; I noticed my confidence growing, not only in my speaking ability and general understanding of the French language, but simply conducting myself in a working environment. My colleagues were charming, welcoming and made the effort to talk to me. The children themselves were more than happy to include me in their fun and games.

Outside of work, there was the social aspect of the trip to enjoy! I went on the trip with just two of my close friends from school and so was looking forward to meeting new people, making new friends and expanding my social circle. Halsbury organised optional evening activities including a cinema trip, laser quest and a party on the last evening, which helped us to bond as a group. I was lucky enough to form a mini social group and we enjoyed practising our French, ordering food in restaurants and simple chit-chat with like-minded, language loving individuals. read more...

Freddie Cooney

Freddie Cooney's Story

5.00am. The alarm sounded and I woke, anxious in anticipation. I made my way to the airport to find my group leaders smiling and welcoming me as though we had been friends for years. As the rest of the group started to arrive, the nerves began to leave me. I quickly exploited the fact that some of us had similar interests and within minutes I had made some new friends – just as well, considering I had to spend a full week with them!

Upon arriving in Segovia, we were greeted with a light flurry of snow, which was slightly alarming given that the contents of my suitcase reflected the expectation that we would be spending a week in the sun. We quickly located our hotel and settled into the comfortably sized, en-suite triple room, before heading into town to hunt down our respective work placements.

Thank you Halsbury for one of the best weeks of my life. It was everything I could ever have hoped for and much more. read more...